To scale authentic
Japanese cuisine worldwide.

In Japan, 77.8% ※of restaurants are small-scale enterprises operated by individuals, yet many of these small-scale enterprises have developed their own unique worldview and cuisine, becoming popular brands that represent Japan. Our company aims to acquire global licenses for such leading Japanese food brands and expand our food licensing business in international markets. Especially in our overseas expansion efforts, we face various challenges including market dynamics, languages, business practices, and religious considerations. However, Utilizing our unique overseas network and expertise, we will collaborate with global corporations to establish joint ventures in various countries. We will conduct joint business with partner companies and operate worldwide as a food licensing platform.

  1. Collaborate with top Japanese restaurant brands through our unique network.
  2. Discover prominent local companies in each country that are suitable for each brand.
  3. Establish joint ventures with prominent local companies in each country for each restaurant brand.
  4. While focusing on joint ventures, we will also collaborate with prominent local companies to expand operations in each country.

Promote the global expansion
of top dining brands
and scale the business.

Top dining brands Granting global licenses Country (single-country) licensing. Joint establishment with local conglomerates, etc. Business expansion in the area. Expansion to other locations Opening stores locally using franchises, etc. Collaboration with restaurants Selling collaborative products with local famous restaurant chains Collaboration with retail stores Selling collaborative products with convenience stores, etc. Collaboration with e-commerce Selling collaborative products with local famous restaurant chains


  • Chinese Soba Tomita business

    A leading ramen shop in Japan has won numerous awards, including winning the title of "Japan's Best Ramen" at Japan's largest ramen event, "Ramen Japan Championship," and also won the "TRY Ramen Grand Prize," the highest authority in the ramen industry, for 4 consecutive years. Earning a place in its hall of fame. Leveraging its achievements, the shop has collaborated with major corporations such as Seven-Eleven.


    Chinese Soba Tomita business

  • KEN'S CAFE TOKYO business

    Located in Tokyo, Japan's first specialty store dedicated to Gâteau Chocolat. It is one of the most famous stores in Japan, having won numerous awards, including eight consecutive years as Japan's number one in the chocolate shop rankings on Japan's top gourmet site, "Tabelog." Their "Specially Selected Gâteau Chocolat" is chosen as a gift for ambassadors from more than 50 countries in Japan, and its popularity has spread to foreign celebrities.


    KEN's CAFE TOKYO business

  • Torisawa Jigborn Club business

    Torisawa has been featured in the Michelin Guide Tokyo for five consecutive years. It is renowned as one of Japan's foremost yakitori restaurants, known for its extreme difficulty in securing reservations. The Jigbone Club set up by Torisawa has become a hot topic since it opened, as customers can enjoy the taste of a luxury restaurant casually. Now, it has become a very popular yakitori restaurant that is visited by many celebrities.


    Torisawa Jigborn Club business

  • CROSSOM MORITA business

    A sister restaurant listed in Michelin with a year-long waiting list for reservations. This restaurant is positioned as the highest among the seven restaurants operated by Hayato Morita, the shining star of the yakiniku industry. The brand Wagyu raised on their own ranch in Kumamoto offers the finest flavor. This is one of the best yakiniku restaurants in Japan that has become a hot topic among business professionals and celebrities because of its excellence.


    CROSSOM MORITA business

  • CALIGARI business

    A curry specialty shop located in Tokyo's Kanda, a fiercely competitive area for curry. Winner of Japan's largest curry event, the "Kanda Curry Grand Prize." Their most popular dish, Caligari Curry, is enhanced with coconut, resulting in a rich and creamy masterpiece. The popularity of this famous curry restaurant has led to a collaboration with Yoshinoya to distribute their products nationwide, solidifying their reputation as a top curry restaurant in Japan.


    CALIGARI business

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