President Cofounder

Tsuyoshi Fukada

Group CEO

Noriaki Takahashi

Becoming a Global Contents Company

I myself experienced a major failure during the unprecedented crisis of the epidemic.

It made me think deeply about what life is all about.
Even in the midst of rock bottom, I never lost the passion and high aspirations that came naturally to me.

“We must bring the "authentic" excellence of Japanese food to the world.”

This sense of mission became even stronger as I came into contact with people from famous restaurants that offer the "real thing" on a daily basis.

Japanese food is one of the most popular contents in the world today and has unlimited potential.

There are emotions and happiness in the world that can be experienced by going to popular restaurants in a country or region.
However, we would like to take a more broad view of society and create a new era in which people around the world can equally experience popular restaurants without having to go to that region or country.

We would like to redefine the meaning of our existence as a content platformer by centering our business model on the theme of "food contents".

We believe that food content from all over the world will become a platform.

We believe that this will lead to the realization of a new way of food.

We at T-NEXT will contribute to the happiness of all mankind by achieving our aspirations on a global scale, based on our great ideals.

Group CEO Noriaki Takahashi


Company name

T-NEXT Co., Ltd.

  • Group CEO
    Noriaki Takahashi
  • President Cofounder
    Tsuyoshi Fukada
  • Global licenses business
  • Chinese soba Tomita business
  • KEN'S CAFE TOKYO business
  • Torisawa Jigborn Club business
  • CROSSOM MORITA business
  • CALIGARI business
Affiliate company
  • TOMITA Global Project Co., Ltd.
  • KEN'S CAFE TOKYO International Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Curry Co., Ltd.

18/F, Midtown Tower, 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan

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